The iconic MTV Dog Brothers captured the hearts of millions in the 90s with their playful antics and charismatic personalities. From their viral videos to their popular merchandise, these furry siblings quickly became a household name. But as the years have passed, many fans have wondered, where are the MTV Dog Brothers now? In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane to revisit their rise to fame and uncover their current whereabouts. So, grab your favorite childhood plush toy and join us as we dive into the lives of the beloved MTV Dog Brothers.

MTV Dog Brothers: Where Are They Now?

The MTV Dog Brothers were a cultural phenomenon in the early 2000s, capturing the hearts of viewers with their humorous antics and lovable personalities. The reality show, which followed the lives of three brothers and their pack of dogs, was a hit among audiences of all ages. But as time passed, the brothers and their dogs faded from the spotlight, leaving fans wondering what became of them. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and discover the whereabouts of the iconic MTV Dog Brothers.

Rise to Fame

The MTV Dog Brothers consisted of three brothers – Jack, Max, and Sam – who had a passion for dogs and a knack for entertaining. Their journey to fame began when they started posting videos of their dog training sessions on social media. These videos quickly gained popularity, catching the attention of MTV producers. The brothers were offered their own reality show, which they aptly named “MTV Dog Brothers.”

The show premiered in 2001 and was an instant hit. Viewers were captivated by the brothers’ unique approach to dog training, which involved a mix of humor and discipline. Each episode featured the brothers working with a variety of dogs, from misbehaving puppies to stubborn old-timers. The show’s popularity grew even more when the brothers introduced their own pack of dogs, which quickly became fan favorites.

Their Impact

The MTV Dog Brothers had a significant impact on popular culture. Not only did they entertain audiences, but they also inspired many dog owners to improve their relationships with their furry companions. The show’s positive reinforcement training methods and emphasis on responsible pet ownership resonated with viewers, making it more than just a reality show.

The brothers themselves became celebrities, appearing on talk shows and making guest appearances at various events. Their dogs also gained fame and became popular in their own right, with fans often recognizing them on the street.

Where Are They Now?

After three successful seasons, “MTV Dog Brothers” came to an end in 2004. The brothers and their dogs had become household names, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So, where are they now?

Jack, the eldest of the three brothers, continued his work in dog training and opened his own training school. He also wrote a book, sharing his knowledge and experiences with fellow dog lovers. Max and Sam decided to take a break from the spotlight and pursued different career paths. Max became a firefighter, while Sam became a veterinarian.

The pack of dogs that captured viewers’ hearts have all passed away over the years. But the brothers have not stopped their love for animals. They now have a new pack of rescue dogs, which they continue to train and rehabilitate.


Although it has been years since “MTV Dog Brothers” aired, its legacy lives on. The show was not only a source of entertainment but also left a lasting impact on the pet community. The brothers’ positive influence on dog training methods is still evident today, with many trainers following in their footsteps.

Additionally, the show’s popularity paved the way for more dog-related reality shows and documentaries to be produced. The MTV Dog Brothers may no longer be on television, but their contribution to the world of entertainment is still recognized and appreciated by many.

Reunion Special

In 2019, rumors of a “MTV Dog Brothers” reunion special started circulating online. Fans were excited at the thought of seeing the brothers and their dogs back on screen. However, the brothers quickly put these rumors to rest, stating that they have all moved on from their reality show days and are happy with their current lives.

While a reunion may not be in the cards, fans can still catch glimpses of the brothers and their dogs on social media. They often share updates and photos of their current furry companions, much to the delight of their followers.


The MTV Dog Brothers may no longer be on our television screens, but they will always hold a special place in our hearts. Their unique approach to dog training and their lovable personalities captured the world’s attention, making them icons of their time. While we may not see them on our screens again, we can take comfort knowing that they are still living fulfilling lives and spreading their love for animals.


In conclusion, the MTV Dog Brothers were a beloved part of popular culture during their time on MTV in the 1990s. From their catchy theme song to their hilarious antics, they captured the hearts of millions of viewers. However, like many icons of the past, their time in the spotlight eventually came to an end. But that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared completely. Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, we can now catch up with the whereabouts and current status of the MTV Dog Brothers. While they may have moved on from their days as television personalities, they continue to live their lives and make an impact in their own unique ways. So next time you find yourself wondering where the MTV Dog Brothers are now, remember that they’re still out there, maybe just in a different form. Their legacy lives on and will continue to be remembered by those who grew up watching them on MTV.

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